A New Course for Streamsong, Florida

StreamsongBlack_No. 5 by Nile Young.jpg

When Florida’s Streamsong  Resort opened its doors in late 2012, it was instantly propelled onto the top 100 lists of many of the game’s best travelled minds.

Comprised of Streamsong Red and Streamsong Blue, the former was the work of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, the latter of Tom Doak – though all three owed a debt to Mother Nature, who provided the natural contouring and a sense of drama.

The accolades rolled in, but rather than bask in the glory of creating one of the game’s greatest resorts, Streamsong started work again. The image below is the fruit of their labours: Streamsong Black, a par-73 course created by 2016 Olympic course creator Gil Hanse. 

A more expansive affair, where the Red and Blue courses use a combined 160 acres of maintained turf, the Black alone will use around 100. But that is not the only noticeable difference here. Greens on all three courses use MiniVerde grass, but Hanse has extended that into the chipping and collection areas around the greens on the Black. “That will create more options for how to play shots around our greens,” he says. “And from approach shots, it will make the greens look much bigger than they are.”

The Black’s undulation changes are severe but unfold gently as the round wears on. The rolling terrain, sand and vistas have the feel of Australia’s Sand Belt, something you’ll be able to judge for yourself when the course opens this autumn.

“For us, it’s our most eagerly anticipated opening since the Olympic Course,” says Hanse. “We’re just excited to take the veil off and let people get out and play it.”

How to get there
Streamsong Black is located in Bowling Green, Florida. The resort is 65 miles from the Tampa airport and 85 miles from Orlando airport.

For details and reservations, see www.streamsongresort.com.

Nick Wright