MUST PLAY: Winstongolf (Links)

Winston links 11th, Germany.jpg

It seems somewhat incongruous that for a nation of its size, Germany is so heinously under represented in our Top 100 Courses of Continental Europe. Next door, the much smaller Netherlands boasts seven courses inside our Top 100 – and four of them inside the Top 15. While Belgium, a comparative pipsqueak in geographical terms, boasts six. Yet Germany – all 357,022sq km of it – is home to just four Top 100 courses, and nothing ranking higher than 15th and Hamburger Golf Club.

We could dwell on why this might be, but we’d prefer to put a positive spin on things by pointing out that all four of those courses are located in the north of the country.

Travelling east to west, to drive from Sporting Club Berlin (ranked 50) to Winstongolf (its Championship course rising to 58th and Links course, pictured here, among our Next 100), then on to Hamburger, you’d cover little more than 250 miles. Which in our books constitutes a very workable road trip down some tracks less trodden.

From Winston, drive 180 miles north, board a ferry and head across to Sylt, a German island in the Frisian archipelago in the North Sea. Or simply fly in from Hamburg airport to Sylt airport for a shorter journey.

There you’ll discover Budersand, one of Europe’s finest resorts boasting one of its top golf courses (ranked 32nd). And you’ll also discover that where golf and Germany are concerned, quality over quantity is the key.

Nick Wright