About the Golf World Top 100

In 1987, a handful of passionate Golf World travel journalists came up with the idea of creating a list of the 50 best golf courses in Continental Europe. At the time, the methodology for selecting the courses – and the order in which they were subsequently ranked – was far more anecdotal than scientific and so we have to admit that our original list contained some eclectic entries. We got one thing right, though. We highlighted Valderrama as our No.1 – a position it has occupied on-and-off for more than three decades.

In that time, the Golf World Top 100 has grown in size and stature to become the most authoritative, definitive and respected collection of golf course rankings. We now publish four biennial Top 100s – Top 100 Golf Courses UK & Ireland, Top 100 Golf Resorts UK & Ireland, Top 100 Golf Courses Continental Europe and Top 100 Golf Resorts Continental Europe. Not only is this portfolio an accurate representation of some of the finest golf experiences on the planet, they are also a celebration of the sport.

Playing golf is all about having fun. We hope our collection of Top 100 Golf Courses help you have more of it.